Our Realtors

Rockrose Realty is staffed by award winning realtors and professionals who always deliver.  We’ve been helping people all around the world for over 20 years in searching for their next home or investment. Feel free to connect with us on our social media pages, ours websites, our blogs, and more! Here they are our realtors.

Susan Barnes
Business Broker

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Steven Barnes
Business Broker

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Adam Barnes

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Paul Barnes
Realtor/Business Broker

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Angela Fletcher

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Felipe Londono

  • P. 407-
  • E. felipe@rockroserealty.com
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Simon Ronchetti Connect with Simon Coming Soon
Erin M. Barnes

  • P. 407-933-2242
Connect with Erin Coming Soon
Jessica A. Barnes
Realtor/Business Broker

Connect with Jessica Coming Soon
Matthew Griffith

  • P.
  • E. matthew@rockroserealty.com
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Maireddy Butron Connect with Maireddy Coming Soon
Angel L. Centeno
Internet Marketing Manager

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