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Business Spotlight: A/C & HEATING CONTRACTOR

Different cities have different niches for business.  In Los Angeles, someone can open a tour business to see celebrities.  In New York City, someone can open a transportation business in the city that never sleeps.  In Orlando, where it’s always hot, someone can operate an A/C & Heating business successfully like Oesterling Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

A contracting business requires self-discipline and companies like Oesterling Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. has done just that.  Keeping a great online presence is difficult but it does pay off in the end.

Some business buyers may be hesitant because of the negative reputation that poor contractors have but not everyone thinks that way.  All contractors are certainly not the same. In over 20 years of researching and solving home comfort and indoor air quality problems, and working with contractors literally around the world, the researchers and trainers with Comfort Institute have witnessed an enormous variation in heating and air contractor competence and ethics.

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