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Buying a business or a home can be frustrating. It can be either the most haunting time or the most enjoyable and exciting time. Rockrose Realty, Inc. is about providing an excellent experience while investing in your future. Our articles below offers helpful tips, great reads, and spotlights on hot businesses.


Which Sport should come to Orlando next?

angel | April 10, 2015

The sport industry has dramatically increased since the arrival of the Orlando City Soccer Club (OCSC).  If you are not from Orlando, you’ll understand that when some says they will “sell out” in the Citrus Bowl, it usually doesn’t.  OCSC did just that opening day.  Accomplishments like that usually raise a few eyebrows.  What if […]

Credit Bureaus changing Medical Bill Debt process

angel | April 9, 2015

If you are buying a house or buying a business with a loan, the bank always looks are your credit. We are chained down by our past mistakes, even when one wants to make a clean start for the future. Most U.S residents have a low credit score due to unpaid medical bills. The credit […]

Do you have an Exit Plan?

Susan Barnes |

Whether you plan to sell out in one year, five years, or never, you need an exit strategy. As the term suggests, an exit strategy is a plan for leaving your business, and every business should have one, if not two. The first is useful as a guide to a smooth exit from your business. […]

Neighborhood Comes Together to keep a Business

angel | April 8, 2015

It’s not everyday a business is rooted for by the neighborhood.  This Barnes and Noble store must feel good because the store in the Winter Garden Village at Fowler Groves has received a staggering amount of signatures, petitioning the store to STAY.  This comes after another clothing store has offered to pay three times the […]

What Are Buyers Looking for in a Company?

Susan Barnes | March 3, 2015

It has often been said that valuing companies is an art, not a science. When a buyer considers the purchase of a company, three main things are almost always considered when arriving at an offering price. Quality of the Earnings Some accountants and intermediaries are very aggressive when adding back, for example, what might be considered one-time or […]

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